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Why smarter retirement?

Because if you’re not planning your retirement TODAY, it IS, most assuredly, going to cost you money.  And not just money, but extra years spent working…

I’m a Doctor who retired after being acquired after 31 years in general practice.   I continue to work one evening a week to keep my skills up, but I don’t need to do it from a financial perspective.

A long time ago, I believed that BUSYness guaranteed financial independence.  I worked long hours in my practice but at first neglected investments and failed to think about retirement: after all I was in my twenties with a freshly minted medical degree from Sydney University and retirement seemed a long way off…

Today I am an investor, and I know that Smarter Retirement doesn’t just happen: rather, it comes from considered and informed planning and structures, and the earlier they are implemented the sooner your money can go to work for you.  In retirement from passive returns generated by my super fund, I am able to take things much easier.  After thirty years, working as a GP in private practice wasn’t much fun.  I’m sure you can relate to that. So last year I was able to give up/sell  my practice and take time to do the things I most enjoy. And I’ve never had so much fun!

Dr. Danny talks Smarter Retirement @ Bay Legal

It’s never too late!

It is never too late to think about Smarter Retirement.  And the sooner you begin to think about  managing personal and business risk; and investing for the future, the better.  We are in a low return investment environment, and longevity is increasing, and you don’t want to retire with an inadequate nest egg.  That isn’t smart!

Smarter Retirement requires some self-review and the assistance of independent trusted advisors across multiple fields. A good accountant is a start, but there are a host of issues he/she won’t ask you about, and which he/she is not an expert on.  Accountants are very good at figuring out your income and completing your tax return but they are not investment experts and they rarely understand investment markets or opportunities.

To gain an insight into the world of investment, I gained accreditation from the Securities Institute of Australia (FINSIA) and the Institute of Corporate Governance.  I seek to share my financial learnings with you, in order that I might provide insights to the investment sector …. and I’d like to share with you  some strategic alliances that I feel you can trust to accelerate your journey, at whatever stage you’re currently at……

I hope you will accept this obligation and cost free invitation to learn about how you can get on the road to financial independence and a sooner, Smarter Retirement.

Danny’s 5 suggested and uncommon learnings

A short excerpt from Danny’s presentation titled ‘Financial Literacy – The Elephant in the Doctors own Waiting Room!’ presented at the Australasian Doctors’ 2017 Health Conference in Sydney on the 16th September 2017.



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