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Danny’s 5 suggested and uncommon learnings

Watch the video directly below for a short excerpt from Danny’s presentation titled ‘Financial Literacy – The Elephant in the Doctors own Waiting Room!’ presented at the Australasian Doctors’ 2017 Health Conference in Sydney on the 16th September 2017.

Seminar 1: Dr. Danny Beran-The path to Smarter Retirement (RACGP approved for CPD); joined by Solicitor Principal, Tim Mitchell of Bay Legal

How can you ensure your retirement savings are working for you, as hard as you do for your patients?
Danny Beran started Eastern Suburbs medical Service in 1983 and sold it in 2014. He also incepted and managed After Hours GP Clinic at Canterbury hospital in 2010 and in 2014 it was taken over by another provider. He served on the Boards of Eastern Sydney Division of General Practice and Eastern Sydney Medicare Local; and has won multiple Federal and State Government Grants for his managerial skills in Medical service delivery. He still serves part time as a Clinician, and volunteers currently as a university lecturer, as a counsellor for distressed colleagues and within a Medical Advisory team to a private hospital.

Having extracted the “enterprise value” out of his After Hours Practices, Danny sought further formal education in the financial services sector and seeks to share some relevant personal experience with you, including his experience as an investor and finance student.

Danny will be joined by Tim Mitchell, the Lawyer Principal at Bay Legal, who non coincidentally is the son of a Doctor. Tim will illustrate; with his considerable experience, the importance of considered Estate planning. He will share some anecdotes about cases that go wrong, the inherent value of wills, including testamentary trusts, the difficulties with intestate estates, and the importance of dealing with family concerns earlier rather than later; and will also reference to SMSF’s and their interaction with estate planning. This is a crucial area of wealth preservation, and Danny will challenge Tims’ experience to maximise attendance value..

Seminar 2: Stock Markets – Where to From Here?

As Warren Buffet said “Most people get interested in stocks, when everyone else is. The time to get interested, is when no one else is. Rarely can you buy what is popular & do well.”

Senior Market Analyst, Craig Turton will provide an update on recent economic and financial market trends and, importantly what they mean for client portfolios.

Seminar 3: Top 5 Tax Effective Wealth Creation Strategies for Medicos

Darren Howard, has been working in financial markets since 1988 and is an expert in SMSF technical and investment strategies, ensuring members extract the maximum benefits and efficiencies from their fund. He is a qualified SMSF Specialist Adviser with the SMSF Professional Association of Australia.

All questions encouraged!

Watch Dr Danny Beran deliver a short talk during Seminar 1

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Presentation to Australian Shareholders Association (Feb 21, 2018)


Click here to view the powerpoint overheads that Danny used during this presentation: Healthcare Presentation

Below is an testimonial about Danny Beran that ASA Member John Cowling wrote to ASA members and friends in anticipation of the seminar:

G’day  ASA Member & Friends,

We are really lucky to have Dr Danny Beran; Senior Clinical Lecturer; School of Medicine; University of Notre Dame, Sydney to talk to us on Wednesday 21 February (10.00 am) about investing in HealthCare.

As medical professional, Danny has variously been:  a community GP (graduated in 1980); Clinical researcher, Author, Business inventor and principal, as well as a University Lecturer.

In his non Medical roles, where he has additional formal qualifications in Finance, Corporate Governance and Superannuation; he is both a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and also a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia.

Danny has extensive Non Executive Board experience in the NFP; Health, Education and Community Service sectors; and he participates currently in a multitude of volunteer roles. His membership affiliations include both the Australian Investors Association and the Australian Shareholders Association.

He is a very curious investor, with investor experience across multiple asset classes and geographies; and he enjoys nothing more than learning about change and efficient business models.

The presentation on Wednesday 21 February is aimed at informing ASA members about the health care sector of the ASX and will include a Q & A session. So bring along your questions!

I hope you can join us for a very informative session.

John Cowling

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